How to Start a Mang Inasal Franchise in the Philippines

It’s no secret Filipinos love chicken, besides the urbanized development, around the outskirts and provinces, you will see an abundance of chicken bred for consumption. The most common method of eating chicken is inihaw which is basically grilling the chicken. The most popular chicken franchise here in the Philippines is Mang Inasal, where inasal means “barbecue” and the name can be fully translated as Mr. Barbecue.

Envisioned by Edgar “Injap” Sia when he was 26, he leased 250 sqm space at Robinson’s Mall Carpark-Iloilo in December 2003 and Mang Inasal was born. The concept was simple: authentic fusion of traditional Filipino cuisine and dining-in was the main foundation to maintain the space. Quickly, it won the hearts of its customers for its native-style and the “unlimited rice” you can consume to your heart’s desire.

The business grew quickly with thirty branches in just three years. By 2005, he opened it for franchising where Visayas and Mindanao were given attention, and Luzon then followed. It has become so successful that by 2016 it has been wholly acquired by the Jollibee Foods Corporation and has over 450 stores nationwide. 카지노사이트

Mang Inasal has won numerous awards such as Most Outstanding Quick Service Restaurant, Most Outstanding Chicken Inasal Restaurant, and Outstanding Filipino Franchise Award. It continues on to maintain its tradition of excellence.

Franchise Information
Mang Inasal offers full store franchise units.

The total investment requirement is P10M depending on the store type and size. The floor size must range from 200 sqm to 220 sqm.

The location of the franchise should preferably be located near high traffic commercial/residential areas with access for both pedestrians and motorists. The site assessment will be provided before the development of the store as well as the sample plans and specifications for the physical design and layout of the store.

Mang Inasal will assist in the architectural planning and construction process with its accredited architects and contractors. If you choose to get non-accredited suppliers, your supplier will have to go through the accreditation process before they are able to construct the store.

The opening of the restaurant may vary for each location but once construction is ready, the restaurant is expected to be fully operational in 45 to 60 days.

Mang Inasal will help with the training and recruitment process of the restaurant management team, who will then become employees of the franchisee (you), who will provide for their compensation and benefits.

The franchisee should not worry, as Mang Inasal’s operations group will help you in your business to ensure alignment with the company goals and standards, as well as to maximize sales and profitability. 안전한카지노사이트

Franchise Package
The franchise comes with a total support package that helps franchisees operate their Mang Inasal Quick Service smoothly.

Operational System
Marketing & Promotional Support
Initial Hiring & Selection, Extensive training of Store Team
Construction of the Store
Equipment and Facilities
Furniture and Fixtures
Pre-Operating Expenses
Investment Package
Initial Set-Up Fee: P1.2 Million VAT exclusive (Non Refundable)
Franchise Term: 7 years (Renewable – Sole option & discretion of Franchisor)
Royalty Fee: 5% of gross sales
Advertising Fee: 2% of gross
Estimated Investment: P12-14 Million
Estimated Return of Investment: Dependent on several factors such as sales, market potential investment & ability of the franchisee to control his operating expenses

Qualifications of the Franchisee

Highly engaged, business-oriented, success-driven entrepreneurs with strong desire to venture and invest in a long term business partnership with Mang Inasal.
Possess the willingness and capability to learn the business. Although previous restaurant management is an advantage and may be helpful; Mang Inasal does not require past franchise or restaurant experience. Mang Inasal will provide basic business management training that will enable you to run your franchise successfully.
Enjoy working, communicating and relating with employees and customers


Letter of Intent
Complete accomplished Application Form,
Vicinity Map of the proposed site (preferable with landmarks),
Total Area Floor plan/s (building)/Lot plan/s (land),
Site Development Plan,
Legal documents certifying applicant’s ownership of the site (Transfer Certificate Title) 카지노사이트 추천
Application Process

You will have to submit the initial documents required (stated above) which will take 3-4 weeks of processing. Afterwards, if successful, you will have an interview with the HR, Franchising, and Operations. You will then attend a restaurant exposure program to get a feel of how the business works and perform several assessments and background checks on your credit to qualify as an investor.

Another 3 to 4 weeks of processing will take place to review your application for approval. Once you gain an approval via a notification, the franchisor will award you the franchise in 2 to 3 weeks. You will be required to sign the franchise grant, pay the set-up fee, submit the franchise agreement requirements, and enroll in the franchise training program.

1 to 2 weeks later you will now sign the Franchise Agreement between the franchisor and franchisee. 2 weeks will pass by and you will now undergo the final step, which is the Franchise Training Program.

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