Jollibee Desserts

Jollibee Has A Dessert Pie And Sundae

Jollibee is welcoming the month of November with  new dessert releases—one new pie and one new sundae! Meet Jollibee’s new cakes: strawberry cheese pie and the Choco hazelnut sundae. The strawberry cheese pie is every other addition to Jollibee’s line of fruity pocket pies.

This has tarty strawberry jam on one facet and melted candy cheese on the opposite, all encased inside the crispy salty pie crust. This honestly resembles the flavors of the no-fail strawberry cheesecake! 바카라사이트

Want ice cream instead?

Jollibee’s new choco hazelnut sundae makes use of jollibee’s signature vanilla tender serve, tops it off with chocolate sauce, chocolate coating, choco malt flakes, and hazelnut spread. In case you’re feeling experimental, you could dip the strawberry cheese pie on this soft serve and devour it like a pie a la los angeles mode.

The strawberry cheese pie prices p39 and the choco hazelnut sundae fees p50, each can be had until January 31, 2022. At the same time as the strawberry cheese pie is now available in all stores nationwide, the choco hazelnut sundae will be available in visayas and mindanao shops beginning November 18, 2021.

This Jollibee Pie Just Got Bigger

Larger is not constantly higher however in some instances, larger is without a doubt an appropriate size. In case you usually bought  (or greater!) of Jollibee’s peach mango pies because it’s simply now not large enough to meet your yearning, you’ll be delighted to comprehend it just when it was given a size improvement to large!

You continue to get the equal crispy puffed pie crust and the candy peach-mango filling that is always in regular threat of spilling over your chin whilst you are taking a chunk, but you furthermore might get greater of it since it’s 50% bigger than the unique size of the pocket pie you once knew! 

“With the advent of the huge peach mango pie, we determined an possibility in which we ought to make one of our maximum popular menu items, the peach mango pie, into something that retains its iconic goodness and crispiness, however giving clients a bigger taste revel in,” said Bea Bediones, Jollibee marketing’s logo supervisor for pies.

Jollibee’s Ube Cheese Pie Is Available

In case you don’t forget, jolibee first introduced their new ube cheese pie final yr, however the delicious pie ultimately disappeared from their menu, leaving us wondering if it’s going to make a comeback. 카지노사이트

After precisely a year due to its release, jollibee brings again the famous ube cheese pie to the menu. Nothing changed. It’s the identical sweet ube, the equal salty cheese you’ll discover encased within the golden pie crust.

“Whilst we saw just how a great deal of a success the ube cheese pie became among our customers, we knew we had to deliver it back. We’re looking forward to seeing humans revel in what is considered one of their preferred jollibee items, and having even extra lovers discover the goodness of this candy and tacky pie,” stated bea bediones, brand manager for pies.

Sadly, the ube cheese pie is not to be had within the bigger-sized model that the peach mango pie is available in. For now, the normal length should do but we do have our fingers crossed that it happens inside the near destiny! The jollibee ube cheese pie is to be had starting today, July 1, in all jollibee shops nationwide. Its miles are priced at p35 each, p100/three pies to-pass, and p199/6 pies to-pass.

Jollibee Offers An Ube Macapuno Pie

If there’s one factor filipinos can’t get enough of, it’s were given to be ube! Ube fanatics are lucky that jollibee is including a new ube dessert to their menu of sweets. Say “what’s up” to the ube macapuno pie. Jollibee’s new ube macapuno pie is a leveled-up version of their undeniable ube pie.

This new pie combines the conventional mixture of creamy ube and silky Macapuno strings in a golden-crusted pie crust. This is high-quality eaten while it’s warm! Jollibee’s Ube Macapuno pie (p30/solo, p89/three pies to-move, p175/6 pies to-go) are to be had in Jollibee shops in Luzon.

You may order this via the Jollibee delivery software, Jollibee’s internet site, Jollibee’s hotline: #87000, grabfood, foodpanda, and lalafood. You can also order this while you force-thru or order takeout. For the ones residing in Visayas and Mindanao, the Ube macapuno pie may be to be had in a Jollibee shop close to you beginning February eight. Mark your calendars! 온라인카지노사이트

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