Powerful Partnership: Dunkin Donuts And Victoria’s Secret Have Teamed Up To Create A G-String That Smells Like Hash Browns

It’s always exciting to see two beloved brands come together and create something special, but this collaboration may be the most iconic brand crossover yet: Dunkin Donuts and Victoria’s Secret have teamed up to create a G-string that smells like hash browns. 카지노사이트

This is simply brilliant. Dunkin Donuts and Victoria’s Secret have hit an absolute home run with this one!

Hitting store shelves at both Victoria’s Secret and Dunkin Donuts locations across the world this week, the Lightly Seasoned Golden Brown Stretch Cotton G-String marks the first-ever collaboration between the coffee and womenswear brands. A press release announcing the partnership explained that fried potato-scented G-string was intended to “unite the smells of a classic breakfast side dish and comfortable women’s underwear into one revolutionary product that’s as sensually alluring as it is aromatically suggestive of hash browns.”

“Consumers enjoy the smell of Dunkin Donuts’ signature hash browns in the exact same way that they enjoy wearing Victoria’s Secret’s undergarments, making this a no-brainer opportunity for our brands to collaborate,” wrote Dunkin Donuts Creative Director Brian Donovan. “The Lightly Season Golden Brown Stretch Cotton G-String combines the sensations of both wearing women’s underwear and smelling hash browns when you walk into a Dunkin Donuts, to create an entirely new consumer experience: wearing women’s underwear and smelling hash browns wherever you are. Thanks to the joint work of the creative teams at Dunkin Donuts and Victoria’s Secret, you can finally look good and smell like finely chopped-and-fried potatoes on-the-go, at an affordable price.”

According to the release, the G-string’s powerful fried fragrance is washer-dryer resistant, meaning you’ll never have to worry about leaving the house without your thong exuding a robust, starchy and salty smell. What’s even cooler is that the smell can be intensified to a higher pungency, if customers desire, by simply dipping the undergarment in vegetable oil and microwaving it for 3 minutes. How awesome is that? 안전한카지노사이트

To promote the hash brown G-string, Dunkin and Victoria’s marketing teams have rolled out a joint nationwide ad campaign, including a commercial in which Victoria’s Secret models saunter down a catwalk in the underwear, surrounded by a blindfolded audience who rapidly the air as all their stomachs rumble. One audience member mutters, “smells like hash browns…” before lifting their blindfold, seeing the models, and saying, “looks like lingerie?” Then, a Dunkin Donuts employee—who’s wearing a shirt and visor but no pants, just the new G-string—leans down to the audience member’s ear and whispers, “It’s both,” which echoes repeatedly over a pulsing bass synth as the ad cuts to the G-string being tossed in seasoning along with hash browns.

Finally, over a shot of the models walking out of a Dunkin drive-thru arm-in-arm, the commercial concludes with a sultry voiceover saying, “Dunkin’s got a Secret: The Hash Brown G-String, starting at $5.99. Available at all Dunkin Donuts and Victoria’s Secret locations nationwide while supplies last.” 카지노사이트 추천

Wow. What a huge win for consumers who enjoy both hash browns and lingerie!

Bravo to Dunkin and Victoria’s for this genius collaboration. Their hash brown G-string is all the proof we need to know that amazing things can happen when two beloved brands join forces. Congratulations to them for this game-changing partnership!

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